Zodiac Casino Bonus

The online casino gaming environment has now matured, and as such as a player there is the expectation that any casino sites you sign up to should be giving you the best range of games, reliable payment methods and fast winning payouts when you win.

However, sadly there are still casinos that do not make the grade, and with that in mind this review has been compiled to give you an insight into what one of the very best casino sites, that being Zodiac Casino Canada is going to be offering you are one of their players.

If I was you I would read through this entire review and then compare what Zodiac Casino has on offer with some other casino sites, as by doing so in no time at all you will soon realise why they are one of the most popular casinos that has a huge and very satisfied player base.

Let me start off by letting you know that Zodiac Casino is fully licensed Online Casino Canada and regulated so that is a good grounding for their operation, as they abide by the very toughest of industry standards and always go that extra mile for players too.

Microgaming Software Platforms at Zodiac Casino Mobile

Microgaming are the company that have been entrusted to supply not only the gaming platforms that you will be accessing as a player at Zodiac Casino, but they also supply every single casino game you will have access to.

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If you want to play on your mobile devices then make use of the fully downloadable casino app which comes jam packed full of every single casino game you could ever want to play.

However, if you want to play online via a laptop or your computer then you are going to find both a downloadable gaming platform together with an instant play gaming platform, and there are going to be hundreds of different games available to you on both of those gaming platforms too.

All Microgaming games have been independently certified and have been verified as being fair in our Zodiac Casino Review and random games too and as such there are never going to be any doubts when playing at Zodiac Casino that you are getting a fair outcome on every single game you choose to play, and some of them can offer huge jackpots too!

So when it comes to a huge and every goring range of casino games that you can trust implicitly you really should consider joining up to and becoming a player at Zodiac Casino!

Choose Your Currency and Language Options

To help ensure that you get an unsurpassed type of gaming experience when playing at Zodiac Casino NZ, you do actually have a lot of options available to you when you first sign up as one of their new players.

You are going to be able to sign up in a matter of minute and once you do open a new account you can then choose to play their range of games for free or you can set about trying them out of real money, which is when you have the chance of winning big of course!

However,  when you first sign up and are filling in their new player registration form you are given the option of choosing just which language you would like your account to be set at, so make sure you select the language option that you would much prefer to have in use on your account.

You are also going to then be able to set the currency you will also have in place on your account, so do make sure that you select the home currency you use at home.

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By doing so you can then make instant deposits into your account using your own home currency, play the games in that currency and of course get paid out all of your winnings in that currency too, so you will not have to pay any type of fees or currency exchange rate charges by being forced to have to play in any other currency, which is what you could end up doing if you play elsewhere!

Zodiac Casino Review

No one ever wants to take the risk of playing casino games online with their own hard earned money and end up playing games that are not completely fair random and true, and that is why Microgaming, the company that supply this casino with their range of games always ensures their games are independently tested before they go live.

As such no matter whether you get the urge to play slot machines, video poker machines or card or tables games or for that matter any category of game at Zodiac Casino UK, you are always going to find they play and payout exactly as they have been designed to do so.

Every single game is completely random and you will also be able to configure them in such a way that you can choose your own stake amount, so they are certainly suited for low stake players, medium stake players or players who do enjoy nothing more than playing casino games for much higher stake levels too.

As every single game has had its house edges and payout percentages phished online, then it will actually be very easy and a breeze for you to look up just which of the almost one thousand different games available at Zodiac Casino have the best payouts and the very highest paybacks too.

In fact, if you do ever want to try your chances and see if it is your lucky day then make sure you also give some of their many different progressive games some play time, as those types of games do offer huge life changing jackpots, and to have a chance of winning one of those jackpots you simply need to play them!

Around the Clock Player Support Service

Many players who are thinking of signing up to a mobile or online casino site may be a little wary about going about doing so, for they may feel they need a lot of technical experience to download the software, make a deposit and then start to play the games they enjoy playing the most.

However, the entire gaming platforms and the range of games and also the banking interface that you will find on offer and available to you at this casino site have all been designed to be as simple to use as they possible can be.

But if you do ever find yourself wondering how anything works or operates at Zodiac Casino then help is always going to be on hand and available to you, for they have an around the clock customer support team who can talk and then talk you through anything that you are not completely sure about.

You can drop them an email and they will always rely rapidly or if you prefer you could give them a call on the telephone and they have toll free numbers to allow you to do just that, or you can also make use of their online instant chat services too so you are always going to be able to get the answers to any questions that you may have in regards to everything they have on offer and available to you!

Earn Comps as You Play

A very generous and rewarding player loyalty scheme is available to every single real money player who signs up and then plays any of the real money casino games at offer at Zodiac Casino, and as such if you are looking for a casino site that always rewards your loyalty and gaming action then this is certainly the casino site for you!

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Each and every single time that you place a real money bet or wager on any of their real money casino game you will be awarded with comp points, the stakes you play for does determine however just how many points you will accumulate in your comp club account.

Whenever your gambling bankroll is running a little low you should then check just how many points you have accumulated, for you may have enough of them available to exchange some or even all of those points and turn them into playing credits.

The comp points are awarded to your comp club account no matter if you win or lose, but the more points you do accumulate over any given period of time, the more additional playing credits you can then swap them all for!

New Zodiac Casino Games worth Checking Out

If you do decide to make the wise decision of giving Zodiac Casino a try then as well as playing the games that you enjoy playing those being your own personal favourite casino games, do consider checking out some of their more recently launched new games.

The reason for be saying that is that every single month of each year they get lots of brand new games loaded onto all three of their gaming platform at the exact same time, and some of those games come with brand new playing structures, bonus games and bonus features and often have some huge jackpots on offer too.

So to have something of an exciting gaming experience then I would always urge you to see just which brand new games have gone live and are now available at this casino site and then give those games maybe just a little bit of play time, for by doing so I am more than confident you will find plenty of new games that you do like playing and will want to get stuck into playing them time and time again too!

More Reasons to Play at Zodiac Casino

More and more players are signing up to Zodiac Casino, and the reasons why they are doing so are of course all listed above, however there are a few additional reasons  why I think you should give them some play time and soon and those other reasons are listed below in this final section of my review.

Huge Sign Up Bonus – Please do make sure you take a look over the website of Zodiac Casino for by doing so you are going to see for yourself just how generous their new player sign up bonus is!

Fast Winning Payouts – I hate having to wait for any extended periods of time to get paid out any winnings that I have been lucky enough to achieve when playing at any casino sites and that is probably something you hate too. Well, as a player at Zodiac Casino as soon as your casino account is fully verified you are then always going to be paid out your winnings rapidly and always on time too.

Play for Pennies – Another thing to keep in mind is that you are never going to be forced to have to pay the games on offer at this casino site for high stakes as you can play a large number of them for pennies!

Progressive Jackpots – I just know you will be absolutely amazed when you see the value of some of the progressive jackpots attached to a great number of the progressive games available at Zodiac Casino, and if you do ever in one of those jackpots they are paid out in a single lump sump payment!

Load of Deposit Methods – There is such a large and very varied range of different deposit options available at Zodiac Casino, you are never going to experience any problem being able to select one that is convenient to you, and when you do make any value of posit using any deposit method your casino credits are added to your account instantly and on the spot too!

You really do owe it to yourself only to play at the very best casino sites online or via your mobile device that are going to give you the very best experience possible, and that is exactly what you will get when playing at Zodiac Casino, so I am more than happy to showcase and introduce you to them!